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The Exit Planning Process

Equity Strategies Group is dedicated to developing and implementing Exit Plans for owners of privately-held businesses. We follow an objective, comprehensive, and confidential Exit Planning Process to help achieve maximum results.

In addition to being the architect of your Exit Plan, Equity Strategies Group offers a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing in appropriate specialists while working with your existing advisors to serve your needs.

The Equity Strategies Group Exit Planning Process:

1. Information Gathering

  • Business Owner Profile We start with basic information gathering using a simple 2-page Business Owner Profile that we ask you or your financial advisor to complete up front and return to us.
  • Interview Process After we review the Business Owner Profile, we schedule a teleconference, video conference or in-person meeting where we can go into more depth about your business.
  • Understanding Objectives Since our goal is to create an owner-centered plan, understanding your objectives, your timeframes and personal requirements is critical to success.
  • In-Depth Business Data After the first meeting, we provide you with a Checklist of business data and documents that we need to advise you on an Exit Plan.

2. Marketability Assessment
Our Marketability Assessment is a decision-making tool to help you choose an appropriate Exit path and appropriate timing for you. We prepare a market valuation of what range of values your business could sell for, under current conditions and assumptions. We analyze your data, as well as industry trends and recent transactions, to create a Business Valuation range and make recommendations that can enhance the value of your business. We also outline the anticipated sales cycle, review comparable sales of other businesses within your industry and discuss potential Mergers & Acquisitions fees.

3. Exit Plan Implementation
Once Equity Strategies Group completes its Exit Planning process with you and a particular exit strategy is selected, we will introduce one or more of our approved partners to execute the recommended transaction. ESG will make this introduction based upon our evaluation of numerous criteria, such as:

  • Type of transaction desired
  • Industry knowledge and experience
  • Size of your company
  • Location
  • Other factors, such as compatibility of working styles

Our network of Mergers & Acquisitions firms, Investment Banks, and other professionals have been selected by Equity Strategies Group through a rigorous due diligence process. These firms have demonstrated a track record of success in completing various transactions for small to middle market privately held businesses.